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boolbad.mq4 free Forex EA - (Tested with over $1,128,120 profit)

Here boolbad.mq4 and its free forex robot. You can download, test it and let us know how work is for you.
We have tested many EA on Fxpro you can test with that broker also.

boolbad.mq4 4.83 kb, 331 downloads since 2015-04-29 

Thanked for the post: quintana

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Boolbad Forex EA. Tested with: $1,128,120 profit.

I made a lot of changes and tested this Forex robot on a real STP account!

We tested on: FXOpen Broker!

IMPORTANT! Use the below button to open an FXOpen wallet to get leverage up to 500!
WARNING! If you are not using the below button to open a new FXOpen wallet, then you may not get leverage up to 500!


If you are using this Forex robot on any other Forex broker, then you may have to find your own settings, because provided settings not working with all brokers.

We tested on super-fast Forex VPS! It's highly recommended for 24/5 automated trading!


Deposit: $500
Leverage: 1:500
The test time: 4 months.
Total trades: 17
Average trades per month: 4
Total profit: $1,128,120

I tested on the real account!


For detailed test information, please download the files below!

boolbad mod1.ex4 22.69 kb, 435 downloads since 2020-05-07 
gu h1 d500 p1.1M boolbad mod1.htm 15.87 kb, 367 downloads since 2020-05-07 
gu h1 d500 p1.1M boolbad mod1.set 1015 b, 400 downloads since 2020-05-07 
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- We are testing robots on FBS Forex broker!
- We are testing robots on FXOpen accounts!
- We are testing robots on LQDFX accounts!

IngridN (MT4talk Staff)
IngridN (MT4talk Staff)
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Boolbad Forex Expert Advisor

This EAs main strategy relies on Bollinger Bands, which are lines on the price chart that indicate potential high and low price levels.
It checks whether to buy or sell based on where the current price is in relation to these Bollinger Bands.
If there are no open trades, it buys when the price is below the lower Bollinger Band and sells when the price is above the upper Bollinger Band.
If there are existing trades, it checks if they should be closed based on the same criteria.

How this EA Works:

It constantly monitors the price of a specific currency pair.
If there are no open trades, it checks if the current price is below the lower Bollinger Band. If it is, it opens a buy trade. If the price is above the upper Bollinger Band, it opens a sell trade.
If there are existing trades, it checks if they should be closed. For long trades, it closes them if the price goes above the upper Bollinger Band and opens a new short trade. For short trades, it closes them if the price goes below the lower Bollinger Band and opens a new long trade.

Adjustable Parameters:

Lots: This parameter determines the trading volume, indicating the number of units or contracts to be traded in a single order. You can set it to a specific value, such as 0.5, to control the size of your trades.
TrailingStop: Trailing stop is a feature that can help protect your profits by adjusting the stop-loss level as the trade moves in your favor. You can specify a value, such as 0, to enable or disable this feature.
Stoploss: This parameter sets the stop-loss level in pips. A stop-loss is a predefined price level at which a losing trade is automatically closed to limit potential losses. You can specify the number of pips, e.g., 10, to determine the distance at which your stop-loss will be placed from your entry price.
Bool: Bool represents the period for the Bollinger Bands used in the EA's strategy. It determines how many past price bars are considered when calculating the Bollinger Bands. You can set this value, e.g., 14, to adjust the sensitivity of the trading signals.
Target: The target parameter specifies a predefined profit level at which the EA will close a trade in your favor. You can set it to a specific value, such as 19, to lock in profits when the trade reaches that profit target.

These parameters allow you to customize how the EA executes trades and manages risk, giving you control over your trading strategy within the specified parameters.

Recommended settings:

Lots: It's recommended to set the trading volume (Lots) based on your account size and risk tolerance. As a general guideline, for an account with a balance of $1,000, you might start with a value of 0.5 Lots. Adjust this value higher or lower depending on your risk appetite.
TrailingStop: Whether to use a trailing stop and what value to set depends on your trading style. If you want to protect profits, you can set a value like 20 pips. However, you may also choose to disable it by setting TrailingStop to 0 if you prefer not to use this feature.
Stoploss: The stop-loss level should be determined based on your risk management strategy and the currency pair being traded. A common practice is to set the stop-loss at a level that represents a reasonable percentage of your account balance, typically between 1% to 3%. For example, if your account balance is $1,000, a 1% risk would mean a $10 stop-loss.
Bool: The recommended period for Bollinger Bands (Bool) is often set at 14. This is a standard setting, and it provides a good balance between sensitivity to price movements and stability in trading signals. You can experiment with different periods to see what works best for your trading style.
Target: The profit target (Target) can be set at a value like 19 pips. However, it's essential to adjust this value based on the specific currency pair you're trading and market conditions. Consider adjusting it higher or lower based on your analysis and risk-reward preferences.

Remember that these recommended settings serve as a starting point.

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