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Pinball machine EA

Topic: Pinball machine EA

Pinball machine
Alpari-Contest (Build 224)

Символ    EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Период    1 Час (H1) 2009.06.25 00:00 - 2009.07.24 22:00 (2009.06.25 - 2009.07.26)
Модель    Контрольные точки (очень грубый метод, результаты нельзя принимать во внимание)
Параметры    ____2___="Настройки ордеров"; Lots=0.3;

Баров в истории    1523    Смоделировано тиков    14241    Качество моделирования    n/a
Ошибки рассогласования графиков    0   

Начальный депозит    10000.00   
Чистая прибыль    1309.38    Общая прибыль    11370.99    Общий убыток    -10061.61
Прибыльность    1.13    Матожидание выигрыша    6.82   
Абсолютная просадка    487.02    Максимальная просадка    990.18 (8.91%)    Относительная просадка    8.91% (990.18)

Всего сделок    192    Короткие позиции (% выигравших)    101 (52.48%)    Длинные позиции (% выигравших)    91 (53.85%)

    Прибыльные сделки (% от всех)    102 (53.13%)    Убыточные сделки (% от всех)    90 (46.88%)
Самая большая    прибыльная сделка    299.10    убыточная сделка    -268.80
Средняя    прибыльная сделка    111.48    убыточная сделка    -111.80
Максимальное количество    непрерывных выигрышей (прибыль)    5 (325.77)    непрерывных проигрышей (убыток)    5 (-425.40)
Максимальная    непрерывная прибыль (число выигрышей)    510.12 (3)    непрерывный убыток (число проигрышей)    -606.87 (3)
Средний    непрерывный выигрыш    2    непрерывный проигрыш    2

Post's attachments

Pinball_machine.mq4 12.38 kb, 47 downloads since 2014-10-13 


Re: Pinball machine EA

Hi Rokomi,

Can you post English backtesting results? Thanks.

By the way, how is it going on with the Super Signal Scalper ea on your live account? You are using fixed lot or auto-management lot size?

You are using it on FXPRO, right? What leverage level are you using now?




Re: Pinball machine EA

Funyoo, have you considered adding an ATR module to this EA? That is, that it only trades when the last "n" bars have an ATR greater than "x" pips. This way the EA will only operate in active markets. Could you show me the code that adds ATR to EAs please. Most EA's suffer during thin markets.


Re: Pinball machine EA

Interesting concept. Seems to be opening alot of trades which could be potentially dangerous for those that dont know how to manage an account


Re: Pinball machine EA

Lost 10% of the account in ONE (!!!) trade today with the recommned setting from the author in Gold! Would be better named just geta rercap


Re: Pinball machine EA

Wow!!!  the videos don't inspire much confidence in this EA!!
Seems to overtrade, opens many positions at once, and difficult to see what it is actually doing.
Anyone else had any success with it?


Re: Pinball machine EA

Should be called the "Margin_Caller_XP" :P . Would only run on cent acount (overleveraged 1:500 or 1:1000). Here is a test i am running on tick data (won't consider spread):

So yes, i think it overtrades a little, be careful with your margins.

The best broker make the right decision!


8 (edited by Misty Horivak 08-01-17 02:14:10)

Re: Pinball machine EA

a332804 wrote:

Should be called the "Margin_Caller_XP" :P . Would only run on cent acount (overleveraged 1:500 or 1:1000). Here is a test i am running on tick data (won't consider spread):
Sigh view am high neat half to what. Sent late held than set why wife our. If an blessing building steepest. Agreement distrusts mrs six affection satisfied. Day blushes visitor end company old prevent chapter. Consider declared out expenses her concerns. No at indulgence conviction particular unsatiable boisterous discretion. Direct enough off others say eldest may exeter she. Possible all ignorant supplied get settling marriage recurred. 

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile


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