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The power of hedging

Topic: The power of hedging

Many hedge fund managers today have forgotten what it means to hedge and that is probably why so many are going "belly up" in the lackluster market of today. Hedging properly requires diversification in your portfolio - you select different trading instruments, some which may succeed, some which may not, but as a diversified portfolio, a well-designed hedge position should win in any market. In our White Swans 99 mirror signal EA, available through, you will see that we have designed a very powerful algorithm that simultaneously hedges a portfolio across the forex and CFD markets, covering direct shares across the globe, bonds, metals, commodities, indexes, currencies; all from one integrated signal. Check us out sometime (find us on a search). Happy to help Forum members to succeed!


Re: The power of hedging

Automatically avoid news data, including interest rate meeting, speech and non-agricultural, avoid market indicators lag blind approach produce loss;


Re: The power of hedging

Hedging has been recognized by a lot of investors, however, as I continually read a lot of blogs I have found 3 basic principle when you are using hedging as a strategy:

1.Hedging strategy is design to avoid loss more that to provide profit.
2.You hedge to reduce rick of loss in volatile market
3.When you hedge, option is the best hedging tools but not the only method.


Re: The power of hedging

Whatever, it is! Hedging trading style is not appropriate forme; because it looks too complicated to use! I need a net income here, and I am not interested to block my live trading capital! On the other hand, my profitable trading strategy produces only scalping and swing trading entry points, as a result I use mainly these 2 trading styles in my live account! During Asian session I mainly use scalping trading style, but broker allows all kind of trading styles including hedging!


5 (edited by michaelbronislav 04-20-17 04:39:18)

Re: The power of hedging

Well, hedging is not applicable to all investors, mostly it's base in their own decision, it's more like of or comparable to an insurance policy wherein you want to protect your asset, not on the possible negative things that could happen, but to lessen the impact of the event. In terms of investment positions,hedging or hedging strategies in general is to minimize loss when the market is volatile. however, the downside of hedging to reduce risk is that it often reduces potential profits also..


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