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Success in Forex

Topic: Success in Forex

By and large traders in particularly the newcomers think , onlymost powerful analyzing trade knowledge can brings success in this market place, but practically in spite of good trading knowledge that’s not possible at all to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly without having a reliable support from a credible broker , because the broker can affect the result of our trading with certainly , now I am more comfortable with TempleFX due to their a wide range of trading technologies with security of funds at any investments. 


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Re: Success in Forex

There is an interesting example that I heard from a buddhist monk on Youtube about how historical performance doesn't always give accurate forecast: 

Imagine a chicken living in a farm. The farmer comes every day to give it food early in the morning. This goes on similarly for 3 years. Surely because the chicken has been given food for a 1000 days in a row, it will continue? On the 1001:st day's morning, the farmer arrives and without saying a word cuts the head of the chicken.


Re: Success in Forex

Success in Forex will not always depend with how knowledgeable your account manager rather how you are really passionate to understand the movement of the market. Sometimes all it takes is a willingness to learn and then you will earn.


Re: Success in Forex

Unfortunately, there have only 10% successful Forex trader in thisfinancial market! So, success is not easy task here! By the way, I see success with broker is more than 96%, so I have invested my real money here and at the present I am monitoring my live trading account in order to their free trading signal service! Last month I got here 98% good signals including high voltage news sessions!


Re: Success in Forex

Forex is the biggest financial market in the world. Everyone wants success in their work whatever they do. And it is also same for a forex trader. Also it is very easy to make money within a very short time and gain success by doing forex if you have a proper knowledge of forex along with a good broker to trade with. To be a successful forex trader you must need support from your broker. Without the help of your broker you can not do trade well. 
I personally trade with Freshforex broker. This broker is very good at their services and always take care of their clients comfort. This broker is very reliable and supportive too. I love to trade with this broker.


Re: Success in Forex

Success in Forex is very much easier if you know how to operate well in the market. I am currently trading since 2010 and had tried various methods to trade. Later I found that the only thing that I was lacking is proper guideline from broker for which I was struggling to make money from. There are hundreds of broker and then I found Forex4you who helped me to gain good understanding of the market and also daily analysis helped me to get good scenario understanding about the current market situation.


Re: Success in Forex

Does anyone have real examples of the people they know that succeeded in forex? I have no such friends or relatives and everyone I speak to advises me not to invest real money in it.


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