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Renko EMA Robot v9.1

by caballoblanc


by Wynand Nel


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Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Topic: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Hello folks,

Please find my MT4 robot in this forum, which is not yet in the market nor on our website. You can check screenshot of trading performance, trade statement of July 2017, download EA and user manual as per your convince. We are trading in Real account.


Download expert advisor and this is for 10 trading days FREE TRIAL with trading evidence and results.


Post's attachments

IONROBOFX v2 user manual.pdf 638.44 kb, 119 downloads since 2017-07-30 

ionrobofx2.ex4 77.79 kb, 121 downloads since 2017-07-30 

July month 41.92 kb, 84 downloads since 2017-07-30 

Screenshot of trading PROOF.jpg 407.96 kb, 118 downloads since 2017-07-30 

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lokraunma's Website


Thanked for the post: sollyvuso, mthoang15, Jean Dupuis

Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Hello folks,

Thanks for downloading my EA - IONROBOFX v2 and you all might have seen that the robot will display a message " ionrobofx will not work on this account " while trying to attach in any chart of MT4. This is not an error, this expert advisor will run only in MT4 account which are licensed to function.

Feel free to message us with your MT4 account Id so that we can send you License to test our EA. This message is not error


3 (edited by lokraunma 08-05-17 05:32:18)

Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Hello folks,Thanks......

Post's attachments

Account with $400 trading.jpg 448.84 kb, 57 downloads since 2017-08-05 

Statement of $400 51.38 kb, 19 downloads since 2017-08-05 

Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Thanks for share.

I still don't have 25 posts to download. What kind of EA is it? I mean, is it martingale or grid maybe?
If yes, I'm not interested because too much risky.



Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Hello friends, My trades result from 07.08.2017 to 11.08.2017 with IONROBOFX EA doing well, downloaded friends our support service will be prompt.

Please check for proof -

Post's attachments

IONROBOFX EA 1 week trades.gif 55.82 kb, 30 downloads since 2017-08-13 

Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Nice updated test date, let me try this too. Which timeframe for the best result? 

Good that your doing on live trades which most of the EA doing demo as their testing.


Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Hello friends,
I wake up in the morning to see PROFIT done for me with my EA. What do you do in your MT4 account? Do you still in Demo? Proof of my valued clients as IONROBOFX v2 EA is Trading LIVE in REAL account.

My Expert Advisor is in Full Swing and in Real account, what about yours?

Post's attachments

1202.jpg 497.68 kb, 23 downloads since 2017-08-14 

Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Looks good, can't download yet bud will give it a try when i can. I love it that you test it on real accounts


Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Thank you for sharing, can you show us the best setting for this ea and will there be a update of this ea, and we would like to see your myfxbook your real account running on this ea.... hope you have the time to reply back !!! And thank you


Re: Try expert advisor IONROBOFX2 for FREE

Hello mthoang15,

Thanks for message and I will be managing results of live trading data in myfxbook very soon please stay tune. Thanks

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