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Do you chase after forex broker rumor?

Topic: Do you chase after forex broker rumor?

Rumor is very bad thing. You should not chase after rumor inforex market. This can be fatal for your trades. All your money can be lost at a glance. So you need to verify the whole thing. Choosing the right broker can save your trades in this situation. Because, you can get true news of market from your broker. That’s why broker is needed. I join Forex4you. It’s a great broker and I can verify anything if I need to verify.


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Re: Do you chase after forex broker rumor?

for traders it is most important to find a broker that suites your needs. Rumors are everywhere, some people will have good experiences and some may have bad experiences. 
Funny thing is...most of the time only people with bad experiences will share, and people who have great experiences will not really say anything publicly.

REGARDLESS, this is the key - choosing the right broker. 
Some tips on choosing brokers:
1. Choose a regulated broker
(tip: it is best to choose a broker that is at least regulated from a more mature regulatory body such as FCA/ ASIC/ NFA)

2. Know where your funds in that broker go to. Does your money go into a segregated trust bank account in the country where the regulator is in? 
(tip: for your own protection, the trust bank account where your deposit goes to must be in the same country as the regulatory, this is the only way your funds can be actually protected)

3. Broker that can provide you clear and transparent information for all your forex info such as LP and Bridge, so forth.


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