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(edited by Misty Horivak 03-26-18 00:34:17)

Ask Me Anything! 10 Year Forex Veteran Working for The AssarV10 Team.

Topic: Ask Me Anything! 10 Year Forex Veteran Working for The AssarV10 Team.

Hi Newbies!

I just thought i would contribute to the cause. I've made countless articles and i've trained thousands of people in the forex trading game. I have no problems teaching people or helping with any issues you have. However, please do not ask the same questions over and over and over. This will get you nowhere. I was once a newbie myself obviously. I started paper trading around 2008 trading oil and stocks. All i had back then was the wall street journal and CNN. I know exactly how you feel. You think you found something that will help you make big money very fast. Or you think you found a new career for yourself that is all yours to own. You will be your own corporation and trade accordingly. Personally i just needed money and i found a way to get it like right now. And it appeals to my techy nature so i love this game. Make sure you do your research before you start trading in foreign exchange. This is a very dangerous game and you should be aware of the risks of live forex programming.

I will tell you the truth that most people will not tell you. Yes forex trading is not a " get rich quick overnight " business, But at the same time, forex trading is most definitely a " get rich quick overnight " business! How weird does that sound?! lol. Well it's true! The reason people will tell you that you won't get rich overnight is because those people are trading with an investor frame of mind. The type of investor that will take 1% or 2% in profits per month for a year and then finally cash out. The safe players. Those are the type of people who swing trade and trade long term. So obviously it's not a " get rich quick overnight " business for them. 

Now on the other hand.. cool  There are other people who say you definitely CAN get rich overnight. The type of guys and girls who are willing to risk it all for a big payoff. This is most definitely a gamblers point of view but it's not completely impossible. On the Contrary! You seriously CAN make millions overnight easily! I've seen it and our team has proved it in countless videos in youtube and here in the forums. So don't think you can't get some serious cash very quickly. You Can! That's what makes this game so intriguing. I am one of these people. And so is my entire team. We've gone to great lengths to find the most profitable strategies and the most profitable robots for trading in the markets. We've made thousands of dollars and we are continuing to make more. So yes, stick to it and shoot for the stars!

So lets do this! Ask me anything you want and i will answer you as fast and as detailed as humanly possible. My goal here is to help you understand exactly how this works and what it takes to make a profitable trader. 


Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile


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Copy Successful Forex Traders and earn big profit! Its really works! $200, $500 or even $1000+ profit per day! Click here for more info...

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Forex Trade Copy

Recommended Forum Topic!

Copy Successful Forex Traders and earn big profit! Its really works!

$200, $500 or even $1000+ profit per day! Its depends on your trading balance. Click here for more info...

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