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Topic: winrunner

Winrunner ROBOT 
STANDARD version of Winrunner works on EURUSD. ADVANCED version of the EA works on EURUSD and AUDUSD. Minimal needed deposit for both currency pairs is $700 with lot 0.01. Recommended leverage is 1:200 and higher (for lower leverage minimal needed deposit for both currency pairs is $1400 with lot 0.01). Time frame of the EA is H1. We recommend to set 35% risk trading on one currency pairs, and 25% risk trading on both currency pairs. Our recommendations apply to EURUSD and AUDUSD currency pairs only.  
The archive that you received contains ex4 and dll files, which you need to copy to the Experts and Libraries folders of your MetaTrader 4. 
Follow the steps below to do that properly:
 1. Open MetaTrader 4. 
2. Click on File in the left upper corner. 
3. Click on Open Data Folder. 
4. Go to MQL4 folder. 
5. Copy ex4 file to Experts folder. 
6. Copy dll file to Libraries folder. 
7. Reboot MetaTrader 4. 
Now you can find Winrunner in Navigator panel of MetaTrader 4. Open a new EURUSD chart (and AUDUSD in the ADVANCED version) with time frame H1, and double click on Winrunnerin Navigator to put it in the opened chart. In the next options window you need to choose Common tab and allow DLL imports and live trading

Auto_LotSize – enable/disable auto calculation of first lot by the EA based on your deposit and Max_Risk option. Max_Risk – a part of your deposit which you are going to risk, shown in percent. Manual_LotSize – first lot which you can set manually. Works with disabled Auto_LotSize only. Mini_Lot – multiplying lot size by 10. Needed for micro accounts only. Do not enable it for standard and cent accounts! Auto_GMT - auto detection of GMT of your broker. Manual_GMT – GMT which you can set manually. Works with disabled Auto_GMT only. Magic_Number – magic number of each order. Allows to set a desired value. Slippage – slippage. Allows to set a desired value. 
Parameters which are included in the ADVANCED version only: 
EA_Mode – enable/disable the ADVANCED parameters. Lots_Multiplier – multiplier of next orders after the first order. TakeProfit – ТР for the first order. For other orders the EA calculates TP individually based on their starting prices. No_StopLoss – if disabled, the EA will use SL, which is calculated by the EA based on Max_Risk or Manual_LotSize options. If enabled, the EA will not use SL at all and risk by all your deposit for each trade. Opposite_Trade – allows to open two orders in both sides - hedging (at the desired time pointed in Start_Hour and Start_Min options). Max_Orders – maximal possible number of orders in the Market at the same time. Start_Hour – an hour of opening of each order (the EA opens orders every day at the pointed time). Start_Min – a minute of opening of each order (the EA opens orders every day at the pointed time). Open_Anyway – if enabled, allows to open next order (at the desired time pointed in Start_Hour and Start_Min options) even if the previous order is in profit. If disabled, the EA opens next order only if the previous one is in a loss. Inverted_Signal – inverting of a signal of MA indicators MA_TimeFrame – time frame of MA indicators MA_Fast_Period – period of fast MA indicator, which changes faster depending on a current situation in the Market. MA_Fast_Method – calculation method of fast MA. 
The list of methods is below: 
0. Simple Moving Average (SMA) 
1. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) 
2. Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA) 
3. Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) MA_Slow_Period – period of slow MA indicator MA_Slow_Method – calculation method of slow MA. 
The list of methods is below: 
0. Simple Moving Average (SMA) 
1. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) 
2. Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA) 
3. Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) 
When slow and fast MA cross under the price (candle) it means BUY signal. Crossing above the price (candle) means SELL signal.

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Re: winrunner

It says "Only works on Demo acc"
if i put it on demo account it still says "Only works on Demo acc"


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