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Renko EMA Robot v9.1

by caballoblanc


by Wynand Nel

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Profitable Stepping Stone EA

Topic: Profitable Stepping Stone EA


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Stepping Stone EA.ex4 28.3 kb, 99 downloads since 2018-04-25 

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Thanked for the post: jozmik

Re: Profitable Stepping Stone EA

Jijo Thomas wrote:


which type of account, ECN or Non-ECN?What's the minimum deposit required?


Re: Profitable Stepping Stone EA

What is the logic behind the EA? any explaination of how it works?


4 (edited by GGrays1999 06-23-18 07:18:54)

Re: Profitable Stepping Stone EA

Just a note on this Ea, I've been running it now for almost a month in a live account, actually, 2 live accounts.
Here's the deal with it, and I will explain simply.
Eur/usd, M15 is the chart you want.  Yes, it may work on other pairs, but there's no need for them.
For settings, also, very simple.  Choose the lot size you want, make sure you have enough for about 10 trades to open, although so far, my max open at one time has been 4.  
For the profit/target, it's 5x your lotsize value in dollars.  So, if your lots are .01 and they are worth $.10/pip, your target is .50.
If your lots are .1 and $1/pip, your target is $5.
Do NOT get greedy with this Ea and do not be impatient.  Trust it and it will reward you as it has done so to me.  
I am running 200:1 leverage, .02's($.10 per .01 lots) and a 1.0 or $1.00 for the target.  Potential return?  10% a week, possibly more if you wanted to push it.  So far, max of 4 trades open at one time and it will not martingale up on you.
Have run it on ECN and non-ECN, or a Pro and a Classic on FxChoice and the results are nearly the same.  Weirdly enough, in a demo with many other Ea's, it was very profitable, then fell off, while live has been nothing but profitable.  Not sure if something else is playing with demo orders in that account, but it doesn't matter, live is nicely profitable.  
Whoever posted the Ea, thanks very, very, very much!  Hoping others can benefit as I have from it.
And yes, it's survived without any real drama, account has never even been close to in danger since May 28th, which was its first day.


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