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IceFX TraderAgent pro

Topic: IceFX TraderAgent pro

1. Main window
Buy: opening long position(s) with the LOT quantity displayed in the “Buy” box.
Sell: opening short position(s) with the LOT quantity displayed in the “Sell” box.
Partial: Part-closure is performed on the last position.
Close all: Closes all open position(s) at once.
Breakeven: If it’s possible pull the latest position(s) StopLoss (SL) to zero.
Reverse: It reverses the last open position. This option closes the current position and opens an
inverse position in the same size.
2. Dashboard window
Displays the current bid and ask prices, the current spread, the daily movement, MA, CCI, RSI,
Stochastic indicators signs and the strength of currencies in any time frame.
3. Profit info window
Displays the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly profit in pips and in main currency.
4. Account info window
Displays the current balance, margin and drawdown. In addition it shows the current opened
position(s) & current profit(s). The average price of multiple open positions is displayed in the “Avg” line.
5. Order list window
In this window you can check the open position(s). Usually the last opened is always on the top.
With the red “X” in on the front of every row the desired position could immediately close. Also
when a row is highlighted & you click the “Order Properties” window you’ll get the details of chosen position.
6. Order Properties window
This window displays details of the selected position. On the right there are function keys for
managing the particular position. With “Breakeven” you can drag the position to zero for keeping
the profit. “Partial close” is for partial closing of the particular position. With “Reverse” you can close the current position and open a new one in the opposite direction. “Close” button is for closing the position. With TraderAgent Pro version you can open a hedge position with “Hedge” button. With “Grid Off / On” you can turn on the “Grid Mode” function on the selected position. The “X” button (displayed in the upper right-hand corner) closes the actual window.
7. Guides
Guide(line)s are for StopLoss, TakeProfit, Breakeven and Partial-closing adjustment. Just doubleclick the selection, and then “drag-n-drop” to move the line to the desired value.
8. Remaining time to next candle shift
Remaining time to next candle shift (in hours:minutes:seconds format)
9. Pivot lines
IceFX’s TraderAgent displays the pivot levels. The display can be switched off in the settings.
10. Toolbar
You can use some settings with one single mouse click through this toolbar

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Re: IceFX TraderAgent pro

Thanks for sharing.

Could you tell us what timeframe you recommand?

do you have real results?

i will test it now in demo


Re: IceFX TraderAgent pro

back again...

EA needs dll, but no dll included

it don´t look like the photo

useless at the moment


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