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Hedging EA - Always in profit

Topic: Hedging EA - Always in profit

Hedging EA - Always in profit


a) Usually, a few of the forex instruments (symbols), so called pairs in a plain language move in line with the other pair. For example GBPUSD (GU) and EURUSD (EU), often move in the same direction. However, some of them move in the opposite direction such as EURUSD with USDCHF. A couple of pairs that move in the identical direction is said to have a positive correlation, while couples move in opposite direction are negatively correlated. If we simultaneously enter the market by buying GU and selling EU at the same time, we were in position of hedging or so called locking

b) Although GU and the EU usually move in the same direction, its movement distance in pip between GU and EU is differ. Generally, based on the past records, movement of GU is bigger than EU. In order to balance the movement of these pairs in monetary value, let say in the USD currency, we use the ratio of Average Daily Range (ADR) between these pairs to determine the number of lots to be used during trading. The average ratio of ADR of the EU over GU in the period of the last 365 days is approximately 0.8. This means, if GU moves in a day by 200 pips, the EU is expected to move a total of 160 (= 0.8x200) pips. To get a proper balance of hedging in the USD, we use a smaller lot in GU. If we trade EU with 1.0 lot, then the traded lot for GU should be 0.8 lot, which is a result of ADR ratio (0.8) multiply with traded lot in EU (1.0 lot).


Although most of the time GU and EU usually move in tandem, there are certain situations cause the trend of GU is opposite with the trend of EU. When the pairs are moving contrary, the number of pips of movement to the contrary is called the gap. We can enter the market when the gap for the movement in the opposite direction between the GU and the EU is significantly bigger (minimum recommended gap is 100 pips). Let say at the time the 100 pip gap is occurred, trend of GU is up and trend of EU is down, then we are advised to enter the market by selling GU and buying EU simultaneously (if movement of GU is downtrend and oppositely the movement of EU is uptrend, we will buy GU and sell EU).

When GU and EU are beginning to move back in similar direction (or is said to close the gap), our open posts are believed to be in the profit territory, and we should be out of the market. To close the gap from previous situation which is GU is upward and EU is downward, GU must go down, and the EU have to go up, or GU has to move down substantially, or another possibility is the EU has to move up substantially.

Numbers of individual lots recommended to be used for Pair 1 (let say GU, for GU-EU couple) in the market are based on the ADR ratio between the two pairs. So if we are using 1 lot for EU, then we suppose to use 0.8 lot for GU.


All the open posts in this technique use the Open TP and open SL. You have to float the posts until the floating pips or the profit in USD value from these two pairs become positive.


If the market against your opened positions, you can enter new posts of GU and EU for the second time (We name it as second layer of your posts) and so on for every increment of floating loss at certain distance (measured in pips). For GU with EU combination, the recommended distance for each layer is 100 pips. If your pairs at the last layer accumulate a net profit (recommended between 100-50pip), you should close these profitable posts and float the others.


For equity 1k USD, each layer should use a size of lot of 0.05 units to 0.1 units. (A traded lot of 0.1 units usually called as 10 cents, which a movement of 1 pip is equivalent of 10 cent in the value of money). If a lot of 10 cents in size is used in the trading, your account should be able to sustain in the market to the floating loss at least at 10 layers or 1000 pip loss.


To facilitate a manual trading, a robot called Overlay Positive Hedging has been developed. Since the robot is still under testing and development phase, I open this thread mainly for sharing its setting, ideas, errors-debugging, or what ever thing that can improve its function as well as its performance. Any suggestions to modify or upgrade the robot are very much welcomed. Discussion in this thread should be focused on developing the robot.
The developed robot that can be used in a forward test for verifying the technique is a profitable method or to monitor its drawdown. Back test for the robot can not be carry out as it involves two different pairs

This robot is based on overlay hedging technique. It may be used for couples of pairs which have a positive correlation pair (example the GU with EU)


Settings for parameters used by this robot are as follows:

If you want to trade a two way (overlay hedging) on a couple of GBPUSD-EURUSD, the robot should be installed on both charts, which are GU chart and EU chart. The robot should be placed in the chart of Pair 1 (GBPUSD), and a same robot in the chart of Pair 2 (EURUSD). If you are trading is only one way only, put the robot in one chart only, either in chart of Pair 1 (GBPUSD ) or Chart of Pair 2 (EURUSD)

Time Frame
The robot can be placed on any time frame. However D1 timeframe of the charts belong to the traded pair has to updated. This is necessary for proper ADR ratio calculation by the robot.

Two-way trading (overlay hedging)
For a two-way trading or called overlay hedging (traditional hedging). Two Robot’s parameters must be set as follows:
1. In the chart of Pair 1 (let say GBPUSD):
a. TradeCouple1 = true
b. TradeCouple2 = false

2. In chart of Pair 2 (let say EURUSD):
a. TradeCouple1 = false
b. TradeCouple2 = true

One-way trading (overlay)
Put the robot in one of the chart (either chart of Pair 1 or chart of Pair 2). If you want to buy Pair 1 and sell Pair 2, set the robot’s parameters as follows
a. TradeCouple1 = true
b. TradeCouple2 = false

OR, if you want to sell Pair 1 and buy Pair 2, set the robot’s parameters as follows
a. TradeCouple1 = false
b. TradeCouple2 = true

Robot Parameter Setting
1. Lots = 0.1
Number of lots for the second Pair (Pair 2). Suppose the setting is Pair 1 and Pair 2 is GU and EU, respectively. Lot used by the first Pair (Pair 1) depends on the ratio of Average Daily Range (ADR) between the two pair. Suppose the parameter settings for” Lots” is 0.1, thus Lot used for Pair 1, which is GU is “Lots” multiply with ADR ratio = 0.1 x 0.8 = 0.08 units. Lot for Pair 2, which is EU = “Lots” = 0.1 units

2. LayerDistance = 100
Distance in pip between each layer or level to open the next a couple of posts at the new Layer.

3. UseTakeProfitByPip = true
If you want to close your posts by pip acquired, set this parameter to TRUE. Otherwise FALSE if not used.

4. TakeProfit = 80
To define total profit in pips of the Pair 1 plus Pair 2 at the last layer. Once the couple of pairs acquired the defined profit in pips, the robot will close the posts at the last layer.

5. UseTakeProfitByUSD = false
If you want to close your posts defined by value of money in USD, set this parameter to TRUE. Otherwise FALSE if not used.

6. TakeProfitInUSD = 100
To define total net profit in USD from Pair 1 plus Pair 2 at the last layer. Once the couple of pairs acquired the defined profit in USD, the robot will close the posts at the last layer

7. MaximumLayer = 5
Maximum layer or level to be opened by the robot. There is no specific number for the maximum layer.

8. Pair1 = GBPUSD
A full name of symbol or pair for Pair 1. Pair 1 must have a larger ADR than Pair 2.

9. Pair2 = EURUSD
A full name of symbol or pair for Pair 2. Pair 2 must have a smaller ADR than Pair 1

10. Note1 = "Couple 1: Buy Pair1 Sell Pair2"
A reminder note that “Couple 1” is to enter a Buy for Pair 1and Sell for Pair 2.

11. Note2 = "Couple 2: Sell Pair1 Buy Pair2"
A reminder note that “Couple 2” is to enter a sell for Pair 1 and a buy for Pair 2.

12. TradeCouple1 = true
If you want a trading by buying Pair 1 and Selling Pair 2, set this parameter TRUE.

13. TradeCouple2 = false.
If you want a trading by selling Pair 1 and Buying Pair 2, set this parameter TRUE.

14. ADR_Day = 365
To define a number of days to calculate the Average Daily Range. Subsequently, the robot used the calculated ADR for obtaining a ratio of ADR between Pair 2 with Pair 1

15. UseManual_ADR_Ratio = true
If you want no of lot of Pair 1 is calculated based on parameters set by the ADR_Ratio, set this parameter to TRUE. Otherwise, the robot will determine ADR ratio by its own.

16. ADR_Ratio = 0.8
This is ADR ratio between Pair 2 and Pair 1. If UseManual_ADR_Ratio = true, this ratio is used to calculate a traded lot for Pair 1.

17. MagicNo = 90000
Couple identification number for each couple of pairs. For instance, if you want to trade a couple of GU-EU, this number suppose to be set similar in the GU and EU chart. If a different couple is to be used in trading, for example a couple of AUDUSD-NZDUSD, you have to change the parameter into other numbers, such as 90001. Use the same number for the parameter in both charts AUDUSD and NZDUSD.

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KH Overlay Positive Hedging v3.mq4 27.39 kb, 106 downloads since 2015-01-04 

Overlay Positive Hedging v1a~.mq4 28.97 kb, 84 downloads since 2015-01-04 

Set 729 b, 108 downloads since 2015-01-04 


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit



Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

May we have backtest results? A chart may also be given to help us get clear idea.


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

Hi there, thanks you so much for this Hedging EA, hopefully it works good. Need to test first to get the result.


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

HI,  i need Forex buy Sell hedging EA,  and EA Scalping. is there any one to upload?


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

Hi there could you upload it? I want to test this mate, Thanks in advance


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

Hi there could you upload it? IHi there could you upload it? I


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

I always search for hedging EAs this one looks great..thank you


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

Interesting concept Eea ... shame that you can not make test...


Re: Hedging EA - Always in profit

its depend to the broker, some broker not allowed this strategies, some is ok.. better find the best broker before u loose money.. smile


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