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QADX instant copy EA wins on Demo

Hi.  I have worked with the QADX and on default - it opens 5-8 trade copies and wins many of them.

After a week of testing, it seems to have no problems.  It is winning its trades for me.

I believe it is a stable system.  Test it.  Post what you get.



eu m30 d150 p1.2M ADX_Simple mod1.set 769 b, 42 downloads since 2021-04-05 

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MT4Talk Signal - 2023.12.05 - 3.10 profit
My today winning with the MT4talk AI Forex Signal 05.12.2023
MT4talk Forex AI Signal - EurUsd Sell Signal. Profit: $19.68
MT4Talk Signal - 2023.12.01 - 12.44% profit
Incredible AI Signals! 2023.12.01
I've made 30%+ today. 2023.12.01
Bad day today, only a 14.36% profit overall. :)
Profit from MT4Talk Signal - 2023.11.30

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Hi. I modified the QADX to only use the ADX signal because the others were not helping.

Here is the update:

QADX_Simple.mq4 12.2 kb, 41 downloads since 2021-04-14 
IngridN (MT4talk Staff)
IngridN (MT4talk Staff)
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The QADX Simple EA!

The EA operates by utilizing the Average Directional Index (ADX) indicator to identify market trends and make trading decisions.

Let's break down how this EA works and its key strategy components:

Trading Logic:

The EA primarily relies on the ADX indicator to assess the strength of trends in the forex market.
It looks for opportunities to enter BUY trades when the ADX indicates a strong uptrend, suggesting a bullish market sentiment. Conversely, it seeks to enter SELL trades when the ADX suggests a robust downtrend, indicating a bearish market sentiment. This strategy aims to capitalize on trends and profit from price movements in the direction of the prevailing trend.

Trade Management:

The EA incorporates risk management by setting predefined Take Profit and Stop Loss levels for each trade.
Traders can customize these parameters to control their potential gains and losses, aligning with their risk tolerance and overall trading strategy. By implementing Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, the EA aims to secure profits and limit potential losses in each trade.

Multiple Trades:

One of the notable features of this EA is its ability to open multiple trades concurrently. This diversifies the trader's exposure and spreads risk across multiple positions. The number of simultaneous trades can be adjusted by modifying the "TradesAtOnce" parameter.

Adjustable Parameters and Functions:

Lot Size (Lots): Determines the size of your trades.
ADX Threshold (ADX): Sets the threshold for the ADX indicator, indicating the strength of trends that the EA will consider for trading.
Take Profit (TakeProfit): Specifies the desired profit level (in pips) at which the EA should close a trade to secure profits.
Stop Loss (StopLoss): Defines the maximum allowable loss (in pips) for each trade. The EA will close a trade if it incurs losses up to this level.
Number of Simultaneous Trades (TradesAtOnce): Determines the maximum number of trades that the EA can open concurrently.
Distance Between Entry Points (PipsApart): Sets the distance (in pips) between the entry points of multiple trades opened simultaneously.
Lot Size Adjustment Method (LotOption): Specifies how the lot size changes with each trade. Options include fixed lot size, decreasing lot size, increasing lot size, and more.
Magic Number (NumeroMagico): Assigns a unique identifier to the trades initiated by the EA, allowing for easier tracking and management.
Step Size for Lot Adjustment (Step): Determines the increment or decrement in lot size when the lot adjustment method is set to "step."

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