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Yellow Free EA

by t76ahmed


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Topic: Emagic

Strategy Tester Report
Butenix-Server (Build 419)

Symbol    EURUSD_FX (Euro vs US Dollar)
Periode    4 Timer (H4) 2011.01.03 00:00 - 2011.12.30 20:00 (2011.01.01 - 2012.01.01)
Model    Hvert tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parametre    MagicNumber=12321; SignalMail=true; MM="Auto money management"; AutoMoneyManagement=true; PercentToRisk=3; MaxLots=999; MinLots=0.01; NoMM="when AutoMM is off, use lotsize below."; Lots=0.01; Slippage=3; UseStopLoss=true; StopLoss=40; UseTakeProfit=false; TakeProfit=60; UseTrailingStop=true; TrailingStop=11; Macd="Quick, Slow, Signal"; Qema=10; Sema=32; Signalmacd=4; Ema="fast close, slow open."; Fastema=8; Slowema=13;
Bars i test    2556    Ticks modelleret    8131424    Modelkvalitet    86.27%
Uoverenstemmende graf fejl    4               
Deponeret indledningsvis    50.00               
Totale net profit    637.55    Bruttofortjeneste (gross profit)    2665.68    Bruttotab (gross loss)    -2028.13
Profitfaktor    1.31    Forventet payoff    0.70       
Absolut drawdown    1.81    Maksimal drawdown    141.85 (21.33%)    Relativt drawdown    21.86% (134.90)
Samlet antal handler    905    Short positions (vinder %)    441 (80.05%)    Long positions (vinder %)    464 (80.60%)
    Profit handler (% of samlet antal)    727 (80.33%)    Tabs handler (% af samlet antal)    178 (19.67%)
Storste    profitgivende handel    31.90    tabsgivende handel    -21.65
Gennemsnitlig    profitgivende handel    3.67    tabsgivende handel    -11.39
Maksimum    Fortlobende wins (profit in money)    23 (71.17)    Fortlobende tab (loss in money)    4 (-11.78)
Maksimal    fortlobende profitter (count of wins)    101.92 (22)    fortlobende tab (count of losses)    -37.75 (2)
Gennemsnitlig    fortlobende wins    5    fortlobende tab

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Re: Emagic

thanks blackman i apriciate i will test it on demo account and i will share results here


Posts: 2

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