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Topic: Indicator ASK+BID+SPREAD

it can customzie text size,color and font. Option to hide Ask, Bid or Spread if not required.

extern string SPREAD_OPTIONS;
extern color Spread_Color = DarkOrange;
extern int Spread_Font_Size = 13;
extern string Spread_Font_Type = "Verdana";
extern int Spread_Corner = 1;
extern int Spread_X_distance = 120;
extern int Spread_Y_distance = 15;
extern bool Spread_HIDE=false;
extern bool Spread_Normalize = false; //If true then spread normalized to traditional pips
extern string ASK_BID_OPTIONS;
extern color Ask_Color = LimeGreen;
extern color Bid_Color = Red;
extern int Ask_Bid_Font_Size=13;
extern string Ask_Bid_Font_Type = "Verdana";
extern int Ask_Bid_Corner = 1;
extern int Ask_X_Distance = 20;
extern int Bid_X_Distance = 20;
extern int Ask_Y_Distance = 15;
extern int Bid_Y_Distance = 40;
extern bool Ask_HIDE = false;
extern bool Bid_HIDE = false;
extern bool Ask_Bid_HIDE = false;

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ASKcBIDgSPREAD-INDI.mq4 3.41 kb, 3 downloads since 2014-10-02 

ASKqBIDfSPREAD-INDI-mod-bold.mq4 3.56 kb, 3 downloads since 2014-10-02 


Re: Indicator ASK+BID+SPREAD

Thanks very good work..


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