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Milkies EA

Topic: Milkies EA


Welcome to the thread.

I am making my EA freely available to those who want it, however, there are terms and conditions (this is why I am making the topic in the commercial section).

Two important things before we go any further.

First, I will state that this Expert Advisor will only work with one Forex Broker demo account. Which can be found here:  http://jmfinancial.eu (follow the steps on the website to open a Meta Trader 4 demo account.

Second, there is an expiry date on the Expert Advisor (3 June 2017).

The idea is that you can test, both back-testing and forward test the expert advisor and share the results.

I will post on this topic all the results that I have to date along with links to forward testing (demo).

The expert advisor is based on a volatility indicator and works well with highly volatile pairs, which will become clear when you see the back-testing results which will follow along with the Expert Advisor.

Email me for details on how to get the live version milk.mcmilkies@gmx.co.uk

Good luck,

EDIT: I cannot upload files to this topic, therefore please find the EA here:
https://sabercathost.com/dhdQ/MilkiesEA.ex4 you will have to wait for 30 seconds before the file is available for download.

If someone posts a reply, I will reply with the back-test and forward testing results.


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Re: Milkies EA

Find attached MilkiesEA and Backtesting statements for MilkiesEA.

If anyone is interested in the forward testing email milk.mcmilkies@gmx.co.uk


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