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ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

Topic: ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

Hi all,

I'm trialing V10 and V11 on demo accounts now. I figure if they can't be profitable on a demo account then they can't be profitable on a live account. 

V10 is good, trades, Wins alot of trades but there is one major flaw that I can see that disqualifies it from being a long terms EA...

Over the week I've been trading it's won 90% of it's longs and 89% of its shorts! Pretty good.

But over this week I'm actaully down 0.68%!


Well this is the problem... The average win is 2.43 pips. Take a pip of slippage on a live account and You're at a win rate of 1.43. The AVERAGE LOSS is 18.45 PIPS! Take slippage and you're going close to a risk to reward of 10:1. You risk 10 units to win one! Even at 90% win rate you're not going to end up profitable.

V11 is much better, with an average win of 2.73 pips and an average loss of 5.73 pips, but V10 is currently the release. I've not paid for the pro version yet, and unless they have some secret settings that fixes this flaw, it's not worth my money... You can't get something sustainable with risking so much for so little return IMO.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this? I suspect if I have the stop loss closer then my win rate will go through the floor? It's a bit hard to backtest this and optimize as the news filter won't work (the news filter is awesome by the way!).

Thanks in advance


Re: ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

I am trying now V10 on real account. I have using Ronz for hidden SL and TP (trailing stop loss). Trying to find best combination what should be SL and TP. with your excample that TP only 2,5 pips and SL almost 19 pips it is nonsense I think. You should try to find better TP and lower SL. For my research only for 5 days (tried SL 2.5 trailing from 2.5, SL 1.5 trailing from 3.0) the situation win ration about 50%, with pips in profit but in money loss (because of the commissions). Yesterday tried SL 20, trailing from 10. result (58% win) with pips in profit, but in money loss again of commissions. Today tried SL 8, trailing from 10 -  so far the best results. win ratio 56% profit with pips and money. I trying to see all orders manually to find what should be the best SL to reach at least 10 pips profit. Waiting a long hard work. Today was promising smile


Re: ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

Hi tkrivickas,

How were you able to get ASSARV10 trading in a live account? Which broker are you using?

Also how come you are using RonZ when V10 has a builtin hidden SL & TP.

I've tried testing live in real accounts with Profiforex and IC markets for about two weeks but the EA never took one trade.

Can you please post your settings. Also did you have to do something different to what has been posted about V10 on this site?



Re: ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

Sorry, I am mistaken. I am using V11 version... So I need to use Ronz.
I am using IC Markets. I have plenty opening trades.
Becaus IC Markets is 5 digits (but here in forum it means 6 digits - how much you can see digits).
So if need you have to change settings in Assar. I don't know what is default settings for V10, but V11 defaut settings suits for IC Market.
So in settings you have to write for example TP - 800(points). It will means 80pips. If broker would be 4 digits it should be written TP 80 poins (the same 80pips).
So it could one of the reason not opening orders. The next reason you should turn on AUTOTRADE button on MT4. And you have to see HAPPY FACE on your charts (top right corner).
So you need check settings for TP, SL, TRAILING, SPREAD. If need to change.
Then maybe check RISK settings.
I am using risk 1%, lot set 0.01. Max 0.1. 
This week I am trying different TP, SL and TRAILING. On last 3 days quite good results with SL 7.5 or 8.0 pips (not points). Lock Profit 10 or 9 pips. Profit to Lock 9 or 7.5 pips. Trailing Stop 1pips.
With those settings I have finally profit on wednesday and thursday. At this moment Friday also still in profit. 
I will try to write post about this week trading results on another post (post about V11 version). Will write maybe on weekend after will close market.


5 (edited by tkrivickas 12-01-17 14:39:09)

Re: ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

Misty. It is very strange how you are accepting and improvised my minds smile  In non of my post I had not said any bad words about Assar. Opposite I think it has potential for steady profit (maybe you now that), but everyone wants more proof then several trades on a few days on real account and your words. I just trying to write what is my trades and what I am trying to do smile
Just can't understand why are you so frustating about that I am changing default settings, it is not allowed? smile so why you left it possible to change smile
The other thing what you say that on this period of time - less volatility on market, so less open trades. And maybe at this period of time your defaut settings is not working as good as maybe on spring or another time? 
The another thing have you read my post carefully what I said about nonsense??? I said that average SL 18.45 pips is nonsense, because and you are using SL as I remember 1.5 or 2.0 pips. But not maybe 15pips. 
I will not lose my money, because I am using very little risk smile But if what I am trying to do with changing setting - will wipe out my account. I will know that it was my mistake smile I really will not blame EA:) If I would lose money with defaul settings - then I could blame EA :) 
And the final. There is no good or bad reviews about Assar. Bad maybe there is. But definetely there is no good reviews with results of trading on real account with stable profit smile If there is such - I would like to see smile 
And of course the other thing is about NEWS FILTER on V10, there is no it on V11. After almos 2 weeks trade with V11 it is difficult to say that leave EA during news is bad or good. One day it lose during news, other day it is gain profit.
Maybe after 3-6 months trying EA you see the bigger picture than me smile


Re: ASSAR V10 Concerns (and a V11 comparison)

ASSARV10 is good in backtest.Very true and agreed what you said but as you know world is squeezing day by day now its enough squeezed making difficult for us to live on this Now i m planning to move to another planet for this i require huge money. Somebody told me that forex is trillion dollar business, i m trying to look for trillions but it looks i will give what i have already has.
so any advice


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