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Renko EMA Robot v9.1

by caballoblanc


by Wynand Nel


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EA XNeuronPro

Topic: EA XNeuronPro

i have bought this EA and manual pls BT and share best results here and find best .set file for it.

EA file removed by Forum Admin!

ADMIN NOTE: The owner of the XNeuron Pro robot asked me to delete the file for Copyrighted reason.

Do not post the XNeuron Pro robot to MT4talk forum again!!!
The creator of this topic have been banned to post messages!
Website for: XNeuron Pro:
Please write a review if you know this robot! 
Please reply to this topic and let us know if this robot is good or if is a scam.


Thanked for the post: Blackbird Saharut

Re: EA XNeuronPro

Thank you, 
I soon as I can download i will, seems to be a good EA to test, plus we don know how good it is until we test it.
thanks again for sharing

jagg1973's Website


Thanked for the post: Blackbird Saharut

Re: EA XNeuronPro

this is great share, seems to be a good ea.i,ll have a look at it.and do some forwardtesting using it.then i will show the results.



Re: EA XNeuronPro

Thank you mate. I really think that this indicator is very good i will post results that i made with it as soon as possible.


Re: EA XNeuronPro

Hello, I am the software developer of XNeuron Pro and you are illegally distributing my EA on the internet. I want to remind you that you signed a contract when you purchased this EA and you are breaking this contract by publicly sharing the EA and its manual on an internet forum. 

I will take legal action if you don't erase this topic. If you have questions about the EA, you can contact me at

Admin note: Its illegal to post email address or other personal information on topics.
Also on your profile you used a fake information: Real name (enter your full name): XNeuron Pro

You are banned for posting.


Re: EA XNeuronPro

is the EA or indicator? does combine both to run? the logical  need history record to run, I think the AI need the records to analyze the tick information, just do not know what is the logical. but the price of the EA seems just right to be.


Posts: 6

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