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PZ Harmonic Scanner

by Adeyemi Damilare Abdul Afeez

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by roshan5999

Forex Tips EA

by ezippydekza

Very interesting free EA

by Deleted User


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Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

The link still does not work. Can you place it again.
if I click the link it gives the message can not find page.


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

Thanks for sharing. Could you describe what strategy of your EA to trade, which time frame and pairs are best performed? Any back test, forward test can be provided?  Thank you so much


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

look on the graph result always arise I think will increasing your money gradually


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

kings147 wrote:

Finally, i have downloaded my copy and has it running on my demo accounts FXTM and INSTANFOREX and they seem to be trading very well and making profits but the FXTM seems to be faster in terms of more trades.

Has anyone tried it on a LIVE ACCOUNT? Please i need to know,, thanks

Hello brother, I have bought 5 robots with high price. But all the robots making loss, dd is very high, some are not working. Brother, can u help me please to get a profitable ea (100% per month) with low DD? Please help me brother, I lost all of my money in forex.


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

I have worked with many trading platforms that are offeringrobot facilities for many years. What gives me satisfaction in case of using robot trading platform is that it is providing an automated trading platform where trades are executed once the order reaches to a certain specified value as per the program without the presence of a trader in that place. So robot facilities are providing traders a fastest trade executions so we can actually double or triple the transaction volume.


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

admin wrote:

We have reports from some forum member that this is the best Forex robot to trade with.
Many forum members doubling their balance with FREE no deposit bonus accounts with this EA in a few days.

Very fast profit.

Martingale + Grid.

Recommended leverage: 500:1 and up
Start with 0.01 Recommended Investment: $1000
Recommended: 1 EUR, 1 USD, 1 GBP, 1 AUD, 1 NZD, 1 CAD , 1 JPY

>> Download this EA here!

Why don't you try this EA with the 3500 no deposit bonus?

The best is to try any EA on live Forex account with FREE money. You can test on demo account but I think result never a same on demo and live accounts. So its better to try on real Forex account without using your own money smile

Would you please tell me the trading style of this EA ?


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

Semua EA Membutuhkan Ketahanan modal, KARENA volatilitas pasar tentunya Sudah disiasati Oleh settingan EA, konsistensi EA Sangat menentukan Tingkat keberhasilan EA, sebagai trader baru saya belum pernah mencoba dengan menggunakan EA, ada baiknya saya mencobanya, semoga saja profit menyertai.


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

When I use martingales, I setup 2 or 3 accounts, divide my money evenly, for example 20-20-20 and let it run parallel. if one crashes, I re-divide the balances and continue.

account1 -- 20
account 2 -- 20
account 3 -- 20

after one week:
account 1 -- 40
account 2 -- 35
account 3 -- 2 (margin call)

after re-division:
account 1 -- 25.77
account 2 -- 25.77
account 3 -- 25.77

Hope that helps!!


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

Wanna start trying this EA, anyone know how to download?
Would really appreciate it
Im looking for a profitable and consistent EA
Please share or pint in the right direction if you lnow akny.


Re: The best Forex robot for double your Forex balance in a few days.

I want to test on demo account first. How much on average or percentage profit is it making?
If I double today, will it double today's balance tomorrow? Just curious about the 2 binary aspect.


Posts: 21 to 30 of 33

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