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Budak ea

by Wilber Ramirez


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A Little Something to Motivate

Topic: A Little Something to Motivate

I just posted the following response as a reply to a thread back testing result. The reason I feel the need to post it again in it's own separate thread it to get some wheels turning in everyone's minds who spend countless hours trying to solve the mystery of developing a profitable EA that gives great returns without any risk of blowing the account. Please just read the response and think about it a bit. Do not grind and grind through failure after failure to stumble on a single, inaccurate, positive result. GRIND HARDER to find consistent TRUE results. AND then GRIND HARDER YET!!! to find where and when those results can FAIL. AND THEN figure out how to make them not.....If you ever find that your motivation for making a post or reply is to brag about an EA you're using, or boast amazing're failing. share the EA...and then ask someone who is willing to back test it in high quality where this will fail based on your parameters in hopes that they cannot prove you wrong. Then we can find some good EAs..TOGETHER. Thank you all for all your EA's, Coding, Sets, Opinions, posts.

Reply found here.


Thanked for the post: Isaías Lourenço

Re: A Little Something to Motivate

If I were to start testing on EAs, which EAs would you recommend me to try? Would like to start from somewhere but just not sure which. Would really appreciate the guidance smile


Re: A Little Something to Motivate

derickfoong wrote:

If I were to start testing on EAs, which EAs would you recommend me to try? Would like to start from somewhere but just not sure which. Would really appreciate the guidance smile

If your trading knowledge is experienced, I'd look more at EA's that focus on Breakouts over a higher time frame- 30min+ (the reason why testing one on a low time frame is that slippage is often a blow out factor when backtesting vs live. Breakout/momentum EA's that follow the current long term trend is a good start. I find that any EA out there that  does NOT use a stoploss is just a waste of time. However..blessing EA...meant to be a martingale grid type ea..can use a stop..and is customizable to the point where you can actually just have it make a single trade with a stop and thats something im toying with. EA's that incorporate ATR are also important I think just because the market from 2008 to 2017 is very different and ATR helps adjust an EA's behavior to support the changes.


Re: A Little Something to Motivate

I was once a tester, for experts advisors and indicator with scripts. And you need a lot of patience to find the beste settings and hours and days and night of working to find the best time frame and the best pair.
The most important is the behavior of the paid, every pair has another behavior, and from 2016 the behavior of forex market has significally changed in bad.


Re: A Little Something to Motivate

The road of the EA finding trip gets long way, or you may need to write on your own to develop by some idea, lets say, require a lot patients.


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