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Highest Forex Leverage 1:3000!

Try your Forex Robot with the highest leverage 1:3000! All Forex robot strategies allowed! Scalping, hedging, martingale, etc...

If you make a deposit as small as $10 in your Forex account, you can enter trades with $30,000 buying power. If you deposit $200 you can enter trades with $600,000 buying power.

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InstaForex $3500 bonus offer and bonus agreement explained.

Topic: InstaForex $3500 bonus offer and bonus agreement explained.

I think this InstaForex $3500 bonus offer is a correct offer and very useful to all Forex traders.
And their bonus agreement is a fair too. 

This $3500 deposit bonus gives you an opportunity to test any Forex robot or any Forex strategy on real Forex account without using your own money. 
You cannot withdraw the bonus amount but If you win with the bonus, you can withdraw the profit if you meet some conditions.

If anyone has a question about the bonus agreement let's discuss it here. 

Since this is an international Forex forum and not every forum member understand English perfect, other forum members are welcome to explain any points of the below bonus agreement.

If you have any question about the bonus offer, just reply to that topic and ask your questions. Be nice and be respectful when you asking your questions. If need it, also an InstaForex representative will answer to your questions.

In the meantime please read the InstaForex bonus agreement below.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- … bonus.html

The campaign applies to USD accounts opened from 10/06/2017, excluding MT5 accounts.

Principles of bonus program.

1. The InstaForex StartUp Bonus is a no deposit bonus. Every new Client of the Company has the right to get this bonus.

2. When opening an account, to which the InstaForex StartUp Bonus will be credited, the Client is required to specify the data that matches the one in his/her ID. It is prohibited to change personal data such as the full name once the Bonus is credited.

3. The InstaForex StartUp Bonus is not available for cent accounts.

4. The bonus funds are not available for withdrawal; however, profits gained from trading the bonus funds can be withdrawn if all requirements stated in this Agreement are met.

5. The Client agrees that the Company reserves the right to fix and/or reduce profits available for withdrawal in an amount equal to 10% of the InstaForex StartUp Bonus. Trading is suspended at the time of this restriction.

6. The Client agrees that in some cases the Company can ask him/her to replenish his/her account with real funds. At the same time, the Company credits an additional 30% bonus to this deposit.

7. The additional 30% bonus is regulated by the Welcome Bonus 30% Agreement.

8. The Client agrees that profits on accounts with the InstaForex StartUp Bonus are distributed proportionally between the real deposited funds and the bonus profits on the account. At the same time, a part of the profits proportional to the profits made from the bonus funds can be temporarily limited for withdrawal until a certain number of trades are made in accordance with the clause 11 of this Agreement.

9. After any withdrawal from the account, profits gained with the InstaForex StartUp Bonus are canceled in the amount equal to the withdrawal amount.

10. The InstaForex StartUp Bonus and fixed bonus profits cannot be invested in PAMM accounts, but can be used to copy trades in the ForexCopy system.

11. Fixed bonus profits can be withdrawn after a certain amount of BUY or SELL trades are completed. The total volume of the trades should equal to X*3 InstaForex lots, where X is the total volume of fixed bonus profits. Only the total and full amount of bonuses can be withdrawn, partial withdrawals are impossible. In order to withdraw bonus funds from a trading account, a trader should send a request to The amount of the bonus intended for withdrawal should be fully available on the trading account when a manager considers the withdrawal request. The Company reserves the right to decline the request for bonus withdrawal without explaining the reason.


12. The Company reserves the right to cancel the InstaForex StartUp Bonus and the profit made with it, without prior warning, so we strongly recommend not to use bonus funds in calculation of profit in your trading strategy. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of bonus cancellation, including Stop Out, because bonus is the ownership of the Company.*

13. The Client agrees that in case of decrease in the level of current funds (equity/funds ratio) on the account below the level of current bonus funds, i.е. when the point of current losses exceeds the client's real funds on the trading account, all funds from this moment will be calculated as bonus funds in full in case of no subsequent deposits on the account. In the event of deposit, funds on the account are being calculated and distributed between the bonus funds and the client's real funds in proportion to the amount of deposit and the value of the bonus funds at the time of the deposit.

14. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the campaign terms without prior notice.

* This clause is aimed at preventing any fraudulent activity associated with the bonus system; however, its applying does not mean that all the accounts which were subject to the cancellation of previously received bonuses are found to have violated any of the rules due to the fact that in some cases it is impossible to unambiguously determine the fact of the rule’s violation. There is a 10% chance that an erroneous cancellation of the bonus within the struggle against unscrupulous usage of the bonus system would take place.


Re: InstaForex $3500 bonus offer and bonus agreement explained.

Please I could use an explanation on 8, 9, 10, 11. I do not understand that part of the agreement.

Any information would be appreciated greatly.


3 (edited by igniz 01-03-18 19:15:56)

Re: InstaForex $3500 bonus offer and bonus agreement explained.

for insta forex bonus that all nothing for othing 0 zerro zerrrrroooo

i have started with his bonus 1000$ i make profit trade +300$ 

after that i recive an e-mail see by your self    see below

what wrong with this peopel unbelevible!!!!!!!

in the end do desposit 100$ you will recive another 100$ =200$ in the  end no bonus 1000$ no referal freind nothing.

Post's attachments

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instta.PNG 24.39 kb, 5 downloads since 2018-01-03 


Re: InstaForex $3500 bonus offer and bonus agreement explained.

John Jotham wrote:

Please I could use an explanation on 8, 9, 10, 11. I do not understand that part of the agreement.

Any information would be appreciated greatly.

You can trade with the free bonus and if you lose you lose InstaForex money and not your own money.

If you win then after 10% winning you have to deposit 10% and you can continue trading.

Example: If you start with $1000 free bonus money and you win $100 which is 10% of the bonus, then you have to deposit $100 which is also 10% of the bonus amount. So you can continue trading with $200.

IMPORTANT: The free bonus is very good to test a new Forex robot or any Forex robot you want to test and if you make money with the free bonus then you can continue with your own money and the amount you did win from the bonus. If you lose with the robot then no worth it to deposit.

Make sense? 


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