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SMA for begginers

Topic: SMA for begginers

what SMA is all about ?

SMA is Simple Moving Average,
imagine that you have a graph with X and y coordinates,
the X is the Time and the Y is the Price of pair.
SMA is the average of the prices of the pair in the period that you want.
SMA in general is a very popular indicator,
a lot of time we are checking if the SMA of short period is crossing the SMA of long period from the bottom,
when it does we should buy Longs position,
and if the SMA of short period is crossing the SMA of long period  from the top
we should buy Longs position.

it is very basic idea and you can and need to manipulate this but is is good basic.
use your knowlage very carefully and on your own risk.

happy trading.


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Re: SMA for begginers

Mooving average can give a good direction, but alone are not profitable. If you use it, you need study the price. MA is always lag. I shared previously  the CCFp indicator which is based on MA too, but this indicator compare it  several pairs MA and create direction depend on these. For example:


Way better, but nothing can predict price... randomwalk...


Re: SMA for begginers

True MA repaints that is why I have always preferred the CCI indi


Re: SMA for begginers

I not really understand. Which MA repaint? Normally an MA is not repainting, but lagging.


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