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MT5 MQL5 Trading EA

Topic: MT5 MQL5 Trading EA


Bases on the SimpleCancelOrder EA of I created my own trading EA only suitable in MT5.

If the EA has in total less than 15 positions open it will open new sell stop and buy stop orders. With TP and SL. All values are configurable at the Inputs tab. The EA also cancels the pending order if market prices has gone the other direction. It comments on the chart several variables. It has a dynamic lot sizing bases on the equity. It makes with the current setting on my roboforex demo account about 600 euro profit using 2000 and 1:500 leverage.

CTrade  trade;
input int BuyTP = 252;
input int BuySL = 1019;
input int SellTP = 1193;
input int SellSL = 883;
input int Offset = 299;

void OnTick()
   double Balance = AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_BALANCE);
   double Equity = AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY);
   double Ask = NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_ASK),_Digits);
   double Bid = NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_BID),_Digits);
   double PositionSize = NormalizeDouble((Equity/100000),2);
   if (PositionSize < 0.01) PositionSize = 0.01;

   // if we have no open position and no order
   if (PositionsTotal()<=15 && OrdersTotal()<=15)
     Comment ("\n ### PositionsTotal: ",PositionsTotal(), "\n OrdersTotal: ",OrdersTotal());
     // buy stop, 10 microlots, 100 points above Ask, no SL, 
     // 300 points TP, no expiration, no date, no comment
     // sell stop, 10 microlots, 100 points below Bid, no SL, 
     // 300 points TP, no expiration, no date, no comment
   Comment ("Position Size: ",PositionSize,"\n PosTotal: ",PositionsTotal(), "\n OrdersTotal: ",OrdersTotal(),"\n Spread: ",(Ask-Bid)*_Point);
   // if we have at least 1 position
   if (Balance!=Equity) CancelOrder();   

void CancelOrder()
      // check all orders 
      for(int i=OrdersTotal()-1; i>=0; i--) // count all currency pair positions 
            // get the ticket number 
            ulong OrderTicket = OrderGetTicket(i);

            // Delete the pending orders
      } // End for loop
  } // End BreakEven Stop function
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Thanked for the post: jozmik

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