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Oracle EA

Topic: Oracle EA

Hi to all traders

Please try this EA on M5 

My settings 

use_daily_target=false; daily_target=100; trade_in_fri=false; magic=1; start_lot=0.01; range=6; level=10; lot_multiplier=true; multiplier=1.5; increament=0.1; use_sl_and_tp=true; sl=60; tp=30; tp_in_money=5; stealth_mode=false; use_bb=true; bb_period=20; bb_deviation=2; bb_shift=0; use_stoch=true; k=5; d=3; slowing=3; price_field=0; stoch_shift=0; lo_level=30; up_level=70; use_rsi=true; rsi_period=12; rsi_shift=0; lower=30; upper=70;

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Oracle EA.ex4 28.55 kb, 55 downloads since 2018-07-04 

StrategyTester 1.gif 9.79 kb, 62 downloads since 2018-07-04 


Trade with small deposit on leverage 1:3000! Deposit less, win more...

Minimum deposit $5. Try your Forex robots with leverage 1:3000.

Re: Oracle EA

What method does this EA use to make the trade?
thank you



Re: Oracle EA

kleberleal wrote:

What method does this EA use to make the trade?
thank you

Is a gentle martingale


Re: Oracle EA

A mean reversion system based on BollingerBands, RSI and Stochastic.
It enters the market through pending orders that get activated if and when the reversal signal is proven WRONG.
That's a mind twister...
It can be proven wrong a number of times (as the market goes against the 1st position and the 2ns, and the 3rd...).
Eventually, the market reverses or pulls back a little.
That's when the basket is usually closed.
We can set a TP in money or pips.

Basket of trades means we need equity to keep many of them open, so a high leveraged account is in order or enough balance to compensate for that if possible.

The test was done on a FBS Standard account - leverage 1:500 - initial balance $1000.
Over the past 6 months, it managed to double the account trading on M5 timeframe.

Be careful with the ramping up of the trades (the multiplicator can be adjusted).
Control your greed (TP in money set to only $5).
Baskets can be closed even on minor pullbacks that way.
Better be out with $5 in the pocket than being on the wrong side of a raging market.

Good luck!

Post's attachments

Oracle EA EURGBP M5 6m l500 1k.set 2.47 kb, 45 downloads since 2018-07-05 

Oracle EA.ex4 28.55 kb, 36 downloads since 2018-07-05 


Thanked for the post: jozmik, Érico Borges

Re: Oracle EA

Interesting back-test results from a martingale. 
How many steps into the martingale? 
Anyone with a forward analysis?



Re: Oracle EA

Hi, the martingale is used just for hedging.The EA trades with BB, Stochastic and RSI. 
Martingale's parameter are adjustable.
level=steps of martingale (fix a number)
range=distance  between steps (1=10 pips)
multiplier= multiplier factor for the steps (if 1 than it will become a grid)
tp_in_money=trades in a basket of orders (martingale's order) summing a number of $



Re: Oracle EA

With these settings I've got 1 euro per basket of opened trades

EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
5 Minute (M5) 2018.01.05 00:05 - 2018.05.31 23:55 (2018.01.05 - 2018.06.01)

use_daily_target=false; daily_target=100; trade_in_fri=false; magic=1; start_lot=0.01; range=8; level=15; lot_multiplier=true; multiplier=1.3; increament=0.1; use_sl_and_tp=true; sl=60; tp=30; tp_in_money=1; stealth_mode=false; use_bb=true; bb_period=20; bb_deviation=2; bb_shift=0; use_stoch=true; k=5; d=3; slowing=3; price_field=0; stoch_shift=0; lo_level=30; up_level=70; use_rsi=true; rsi_period=12; rsi_shift=0; lower=30; upper=70;

Depozit Ini?ial

Total profit net
Profit Brut
Profit Brut
Factor de profit
Payoff a?teptat

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StrategyTest 5min 1euro.gif 9.24 kb, 18 downloads since 2018-07-12 


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