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Renko EMA Robot v9.1

by caballoblanc


by Wynand Nel

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161 (edited by Misty Horivak 10-02-17 09:58:47)


as mentioned in post #1

Note: You will see ASSARV11 adding pending orders automatically soon as you load it into a chart. Don't worry, they disappear because ASSARV11 is testing the execution speed. When the real signal comes, you will see the pending orders will stick instead of being deleted. 

Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile


i leave assar 1 day. but i have not result. it can not open and close oprders. give me your contact on fb. and help me you can.


163 (edited by laurgiurea31 10-03-17 17:05:47)


Hi Misty!

First of all thank you for your kindness. You offered assar v11 for free. I downloaded it and it trades indeed.
I have several questions if you could help me..

1. I have different results between MT4 account (no1) running on my PC and MT account (no2) running on my VPS (good vps, Beeksfx, collocated servers). The same broker. Trader's Way. The results on my PC are better! My PC is much stronger (I7, 8GB RAM) than vps configuration. What would be your advise?

2. I downloaded assar v11 for free. Why should I buy assar v10? (hidden tp, tl and sl maybe?)

3. Could I run both of them? (assar v10 and assar v11). Of course with proper risk settings

4. Do you trust Trader's Way? (you know where it is "regulated"..)

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,




Hi, Misty
I read a lot post for your EA. BUT Your web site is scaring, really scary. Like the old sites for ads and affiliates. Even more scary! 
For instant and otherworldly wealth and for a trip to the moon. But, your photos of Mt4, you trade with 0.05-0.07 lots. and any other such ridiculous sums.




zorbafx69 wrote:

I bought the ASSAR V10 and installed it on the platform yesterday with suggested settings. I have to say that he is constantly losing. Loss positions are larger than profitable ones. There are not many, but they are significant. One loss is 8, 9 profitable to go to zero. Since yesterday I am 10% lost. I am wondering what this EA has to do with the constantly showing youtube videos by Bader Alharbi.

I have the exact same experience, the tiny gains and for too many trades get wiped out and more by a single loss, net result, your equity keeps depleting and you won't get a refund most likely.

Practice makes perfect



Misty Horivak wrote:

Here's the back test results. I set it to start at an initial deposit of $10 


starting may 19 2017

 Congratulations for your software! I see in the test the 1 pip spread value. I am new in FOREX trading and want to understand if this 1 pip is equal with 10 displayed on MT4.For example,at euro/usd,my broker offers the spread of 0.8 but on MT4 is displayed 8(eight).

   Thank you very much!!!!
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hi misty, i downloaded everything i too am using traders way, attached everything as said. What i did change is the lot size to .01 as i am using a low balance acc. Hopefully ill have some trades this week smile maybe bump up the settings.



Thanks for the share. Good to see this EA!!!
And one question.Do you have in mq4 format?
It would be good if you can share it.



Current situation with assar im pretty much just down $1.77 with all files and set files given. I re adjusted risk to 1% I saw it had loss with 2 pip SL so I adjusted it back to 45 points let’s see some results



Out of curiosity what is the difference between the free and paid version?
As stated in above post it seems to be working fine. Does trades when it needs to but is there anything more included in the paid version? And I aswell am using the same broker “TradersWay”


Posts: 161 to 170 of 275

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