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Trendline Idikator

by an84ma

very easy ea

by an84ma

PZ Harmonic Scanner

by Adeyemi Damilare Abdul Afeez


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1,021 (edited by Misty Horivak 11-07-17 00:22:19)

Re: ASSAR v8

shauny888 wrote:

So after 102 pages and all these assar threads in the forums, I see no one reporting making profit with these Assar EAs.
The only one making trades are Misty.
Now let me ask you a question, if these EAs are so impressive, why no verified myfxbook account for us to look at? their website is full of backtest and screenshots of statements. What is this? amateur hour? No serious EA author do this anymore. All have verified forward testing.
now I am sure Misty is going to reply a rude comment. That is the only sure thing around here: Misty being rude.

Since you do not care to read, I am going to assume you have no idea how the forex market works, let alone how forex robots work. I am surprised you even know how to spell words. You are talking about nothing but backtests and screenshots, however you never took the time to actually use our software properly. You probably have never used it at all. So i'm guessing all you are good for is complaining. If our software was a scam or not trading or it was some amateur hour then you would see lots of hate reviews all over the internet. We have been selling ASSARV10 for 8 months now. Go into google and show me all the bad reviews of our software. So far we have sold over 10,000 copies of ASSARV10 . If it was not trading or if it was a scam, i'm sure you would have heard about it by now. 

As for the rude comment, 

i suggest you go back to 3rd grade because your brain cannot possibly process the amount of information being shoved into it at this very moment. I think they have special schools for people with your disability of being completely mentally retarded.


Message from Forum Admin: Joshua Allison is a same person as Misty Horivak! This person is banned because she cannot provide decent support to her Forex robots.  When people asking for help she calling people stupid, idiot and all kind of names.

Here is a respond from Misty: also see : smile


1,022 (edited by shauny888 11-07-17 06:33:53)

Re: ASSAR v8

I am just telling how it is, stating the facts here. You have no myfxbook to prove your trades are real. No other users here can replicate profitable trades. Show me the money!

And you post a screenshot again? Are you slow? What have I been saying? what is the use of that?

As for user complains, there are plenty. If you input the search term "assar" in, there are 2 threads that come up. Assar is special there, it needs two 2 threads to warn people that it's a scam.

And anyways I don't need to look around the net to find dissatisfied users:  there are plenty of people complaining about this EA in this forum. I have never seen so much people complaining about an EA and the representative keep insulting them and gets away with it.

And I see you did post myfxbook link in forex peace army thread  but unfortunately it was not a verified account (and suspiciously deleted after that) so it's useless.

Resorting to insult is the lowest form of argument and it shows that you have nothing better to say.

So put up or shut up! show us some real proof. A fully verified myfxbook account with a trading history of a few months.

And let me predict your comeback: more insults, nothing to show for and at the end you will not have a myfxbook account to show us all because it is all bullshit.



Re: ASSAR v8

its a good ea? works one real accounts? make a test on my demo account, greetings...when it is good i like it and make money but first on my demo sorry for my english


Re: ASSAR v8

guys dont bother looking and wasting time with this ea its the same xmt-scalper modified with new parameter


Re: ASSAR v8

do not waste your time and money, read through 102 pages and more on this scammers EA. this is a scam EA money wasted. nothing to show
see attachment

Post's attachments

scam.dotx 17.71 kb, 17 downloads since 2017-11-15 


Re: ASSAR v8

is it another version of assar v11? or why do they share the same name. also if anyone has the set files please do share them



Re: ASSAR v8

i want to try this ea for my trade long time . but it seem hard to find best set up . can u give me best set up for this ea ?


Re: ASSAR v8

hi guys, so ive got a version of this ea called assar v82. 

it seems the buy and sell are completly the wrong way around.....its based on bb bands and it shorts when the bands hit upper level and visa versa and when it trades and looses capital it takes the same trade again aka trending markets kills this ea like a xmas turkey. 

is there a way this can be reversed?



Re: ASSAR v8

Misty (i have read comment for last 50-60 pages). At the beginning you wrote Assar V8 is the best for M15 time frame. And on last your post I saw your recomendation now 1min.  You lost you 80% account during red news? So you still trade on news time or not (with Assar V8).


Thanked for the post: Misty Horivak

1,030 (edited by tkrivickas 11-20-17 14:54:41)

Re: ASSAR v8

I input Assar V8 to my Meta4 (IcMarkets broker) and I see "unhappy" face. So what could be wrong? Deposit 300 euru. Risk 1 (default). what other settings need to check for "happy" face?
Ok, I found the reason. Now everything OK.


Thanked for the post: Misty Horivak

Posts: 1,021 to 1,030 of 1,043

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