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Yellow Free EA

by t76ahmed

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No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

Topic: No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

Please find the "No Sleep EA" without any restrictions.

It is coded by me ...

It can work on any demo or live account for unlimited period of time.
It also can be back-tested, even I'm not back test believer. Forward test is the best of course. 

Can work on any pair. Lately, I use it on Gold because of the high lot rebate I got from broker and it's profit as well.

Remember, Gold need bigger TP and PipStep values ...

So, easily can made 40% a month. You can even make more than 100% but you need to withdraw profit frequently.

You can use it on any time frame ... 

If you want to use multiple pairs, then use safer settings ... Higher TF & Lower Lot size.

If you want to use 1 pair, I recommend GBPUSD or Gold but current settings will not work on gold, you need to use yours to let it go.

Lower time frame means higher profit + higher DD ... 
Higher time frame means lower profit + lower DD ...

So, use your own settings that you feel comfortable with as I can't take settings responsibility.

Use it on demo first for at least a week ...

Some trades from live account ...

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No Sleep EA.ex4 38.07 kb, 39 downloads since 2017-12-02 


Re: No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

If look the result which always hit target profit, seems good for this ea work
but how much capital needed because sometime ea fail because using small capitalIs a martingale ea need big capital 5k-10k .
The modified version of the original ea use points with trailing stop and SL witch work better for small accounts like 1k with fixed lot size.
Actually is a very good sclper just need implemented news strategy.


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3 (edited by shabano 12-03-17 08:27:04)

Re: No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

Ni hao, Shanying ...
This biggest mistake that most of traders fall into is using the wrong account type.

Please let me show this example to give you an idea of the power of using the right account type ...
Let us talk on accounts that all have same leverage and same lot size ...

For Standard Account (Lot size = $100,000) 
Lot= 1      >>> 1 Pip Move = $10
Lot= 0.1   >>> 1 Pip Move = $1
Lot= 0.01 >>> 1 Pip Move = $0.1

For Mini Account (Lot size = $10,000) 
Lot= 1      >>> 1 Pip Move = $1
Lot= 0.1   >>> 1 Pip Move = $0.1
Lot= 0.01 >>> 1 Pip Move = $0.01

For Micro/Cent Account (Lot size = $1,000) 
Lot= 1      >>> 1 Pip Move = $0.1 = 10 cents
Lot= 0.1   >>> 1 Pip Move = $0.01 = 1 cent
Lot= 0.01 >>> 1 Pip Move = $0.001 = 0.1 cent

So, For traders with low capital to trade, to have same trading conditions to those they have big  
capital, they have to go to either Mini or Micro account ...

In an other way with numbers, Let us say, if we both use same EA with same settings, but you have
a capital of $50,000 and I have only $500.

So, if you trade using Standard account and I use Micro one, then at the end of the month we both
will do same profit percentage ... But of course different in $$$.

If you made 50%, then your net profit will be $25,000, but mine will be only $250

But, suppose I use same account as yours (Standard) ... For sure Margin Call will wait me in very
short of time because a little market movement in the opposite direction that I need to make a profit
will kill my account, but in other way, market move in my preferred direction will let me earn too big.

So, as a summary, using the wrong account type is a kind of High Risk Gambling !!!.

Be careful, Always use the right account that matches your capital to satisfy the first rule of the list 
to be a successful trader.

Good luck to all ...
O. Shaban


Thanked for the post: dungvn062015

Re: No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

May be you have better clear hints how to determine that operation.


Re: No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

The entry rule is so simple ...
Every time when no trades are opened the EA do the following ...
Wait new bar to open ...
Check last bar direction ...
Open a trade in the direction of that bar ...

But the powerful of this EA in it's lot management ...


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